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Do you have an appetite for sharing? Check out the sharing economy space in Europe today:

Sharing Economy in Europe

(Image credits to Mila.com)

Read how the UK government has adopted several measures to boost sharing services including their plans for departmental collaborative consumption of stationery and other office supplies!

And here are some of the collaborative consumption products and services available in Singapore:

Home Sharing 

Home sharing in Asia and around the world includes AirbnbTravelmob, PandabedRoomorama, etc.

Ride Sharing / Carpooling


RYDE is a social enterprise that promotes ridesharing. RYDE’s request tool uses mobile geo-location technology to match drivers with riders going the same way. RYDE’s


Here, you can find or offer carpool rides, find others to share taxis with or buy a seat in one of "buspool" rides.

GoMyWay (App)

GoMyWay is a location based app that allows users to share taxis in a secure, and private way.

Split-It (App)

Split-it! is a free location-based app that provides a safe way for users to book and share taxis in Singapore. It is a social movement that aims to revolutionise how we interact and navigate in this crowded cityscape.

Lompang (App)

Lompang is a community, centered around the goal of introducing the joys of sharing a ride (2 wheel ride) and making new friends along the way.


iCarsclub supports peer to peer car sharing. Car owners can list their vehicle to monetize their idle car time, and car drivers can rent a car nearby at a low hourly or day rate.

Personal Belongings/Items Sharing

Leendy (App)

Users can share and lend/borrow personal belongings through this mobile app service.

Rent Tycoons

The 1st peer-to-peer rental portal in Singapore that allows you to rent out your idling personal belongings to others who need to use it for the short term. Our top owners today earn S$6,000 - S$11,000 by renting out items that are sitting in their homes! Register here and start making some cash.

Waste Sharing

Waste Is Not Waste

Waste is not Waste helps businesses and organisations in Singapore reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Zero Waste Singapore

Zero Waste Singapore is an online publication dedicated to help Singapore eliminate the concept of waste and move towards the goal of zero waste.

Are you already part of the sharing economy? If not, what is holding you back? 

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