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Usher in the Year of Goat 2015 with a fresh and clean home!

Rent Tycoons Singapore Short Term Rental

Don't miss out these 5 TO-DOs during your spring cleaning week:

#Vacuum Mattresses/Beds

Rent Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Hire mattress cleaning services for all the mattresses in your bedrooms. If it is too costly for you, you could also clean it yourself using specialized vacuum cleaners designed to remove dust and bed bugs in an instant!

We recommend renting these vacuum cleaners: Delphin Air & Vacuum CleanerPhisinic Bed Vacuum Cleaner and Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

#Vacuum Sofa

Rent UV Vacuum Cleaners

Clean all corners of your sofa or seats, especially if they are made of linen. Clear out the strands of hair and bits of food! A multi-purpose vacuum cleaner may do the trick or we recommend renting this vacuum cleaner: UV Vacuum Cleaner

#Steam Cleaning Curtains

Rent Steam Cleaners

Send your curtains to the laundry shop for washing by batches, but if you are worried they might shrink in length - it is best to steam clean your curtains instead. Rent Karcher steam cleaners here and here. Steam cleaners can also ideal for cleaning hard floors, tiles, cooker hoods, windows, etc.

#Cleaning Doors & Walls

Rent Steam Cleaners Singapore

One of the more forgotten practice is to clean the surfaces of our doors, walls and even walls of shower stalls. For wet cleaning, we recommend renting these wet and dry cleaners: OSIM Genie and Philips Wet, Dry & Shampoo Cleaner.

#Cleaning Outdoor Items

Rent High Pressure Washer

Last but not least, choose an easy way to clean bulky outdoor items. Use high pressure washers for speedy cleaning of outdoor items and mobile vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, etc. We recommend Karcher High Pressure Washer or Karcher High Pressure Washer with Foam Nozzle

Kickstart your spring cleaning today! 

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