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Rent Tycoons is one of the founding committee members of the Sharing Economy Association of Singapore (SEAS)

Sharing Economy Association Singapore

What is the sharing economy association about and what does it do?

SEAS is a business association for companies and organisations involved in the sharing economy. It aims to be the regional hub for companies and organisations involved in the sharing or collaborative economy.

The sharing economy refers to an emerging economic model of sharing of physical and non-physical resources that is empowered by technology, peer-to-peer and social networks. Sharing also covers renting, swapping, lending and gifting.

What are the objectives of the association?

To be the regional hub for companies and organisations involved in the sharing or collaborative economy.

To develop a vibrant and viable industry for our members.

To help our members address challenges and explore opportunities with internal and external parties.

To raise public awareness on the sharing economy and make it part of our culture.

To promote sustainable living and community bonding.

How do you benefit from this association?

If you are a business providing related P2P services, you can register with our association as an Ordinary Member. If you are an individual with an interest in learning about the sharing economy, LIKE our facebook page for news on sharing (in and out of Singapore) and also receive first hand information on any upcoming events by the association.

Sharing Economy Association of Singapore (SEAS) Facebook Cover

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Why buy when you can rent

There is no longer an excuse to not rent. Because we have made renting so simple. Here's how:

(1) Quick Rent Via Your Mobile Phone

Our mobile version (m.RentTycoons.com) was launched in last month, June 2014. You can now browse, rent and make payment even if you are not in front of your computer!

Rent Tycoons on mobile: Renting made easy

For owners, you can upload new rental items, message-chat with potential renters and claim your income within a matter of seconds.

Rent Tycoons on mobile. Renting made easy.

Remember, this is not a mobile app. No download is required. Simply open up the internet browser on in your mobile phone and visit m.renttycoons.com - all you need is your login details to start.

(2) Search For Items By Keyword Or Postal Code

Our new search bar helps you find the items you need through its auto-complete capability. Type the keyword of any item (e.g, chairs, speakers, tent) and a list of items containing that keyword will pop up instantly.

Also, you could narrow down your search focus and find items within your residential area. Just search by postal codes. 

New search engine

(3) Delivery Service On Demand

Are you looking to rent multiple or bulky items? Let us know your needs, we can match you up with a delivery service that satisfy your requirements and budget. 

Renting is made so easy as (1), (2) and (3)!

Need any other guidance? Email us at Contact@RentTycoons.com

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New to Rent Tycoons?

Watch this doodle video to find out how Rent Tycoons works for you! 

Rent Tycoons Renting In Singapore

Sign up today to get 5% off your 1st rental :)

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