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Christmas has just passed, but its magic lingers on.....and so does the pain of not knowing how to deal with Christmas gifts that simply are a mismatch with your lifestyle!

(Picture credits to Sodahead.)

Have you got a better idea for such items that are sitting at the foot of your Christmas tree? Think...Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Re-gift! Do you think that those items suit others better than yourself? Is that item something that another friend will definitely love it?

Now, Rent Tycoons shares on re-gifting etiquette to make re-gifting more relevant & less tacky:

  1. Re-gifting can be applied to any occasions - birthdays, thanksgiving, farewell, etc. Find a suitable occasion to pass on the gift.  
  2. Check the whole gift & remove personalized notes. Especially for books, check to see if the pages contain written messages.  
  3. Keep the gift in its original box. Use a post-it note to indicate who gave you this gift, so that you are sure not to "return" it to the same person! 
  4. Perishable gifts need to be re-gifted sooner than non-perishable gifts, check the expiry date on its packaging.  
  5. Add on to the gift to make it more relevant for the recipient. For example, when re-gifting a bottle of champagne, pair it up with some champagne flutes or coupe.
  6. Always re-gift with a new wrapping paper! Presentation is important. 

Re-gifting is a green way to preserve your wallet & the environment and while you are at sure to avoid these re-gifting nightmares - read here!

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