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Why buy when you can rent

There is no longer an excuse to not rent. Because we have made renting so simple. Here's how:

(1) Quick Rent Via Your Mobile Phone

Our mobile version ( was launched in last month, June 2014. You can now browse, rent and make payment even if you are not in front of your computer!

Rent Tycoons on mobile: Renting made easy

For owners, you can upload new rental items, message-chat with potential renters and claim your income within a matter of seconds.

Rent Tycoons on mobile. Renting made easy.

Remember, this is not a mobile app. No download is required. Simply open up the internet browser on in your mobile phone and visit - all you need is your login details to start.

(2) Search For Items By Keyword Or Postal Code

Our new search bar helps you find the items you need through its auto-complete capability. Type the keyword of any item (e.g, chairs, speakers, tent) and a list of items containing that keyword will pop up instantly.

Also, you could narrow down your search focus and find items within your residential area. Just search by postal codes. 

New search engine

(3) Delivery Service On Demand

Are you looking to rent multiple or bulky items? Let us know your needs, we can match you up with a delivery service that satisfy your requirements and budget. 

Renting is made so easy as (1), (2) and (3)!

Need any other guidance? Email us at

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Rent Tycoons, together with a few other sharing services companies, are spearheading the FIRST Sharing Economy movement in Singapore! 

Sharing Economy

Come attend our launch to find out more about how you & people around you can benefit from the sharing of resources:

Date 11 June Wed 2014
Time 4 - 6 pm
Venue *SCAPE HubQuarters, #04-01, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978 (near to Somerset MRT)

4 - 4.15pm: Registration 4.15 - 4.30pm: Introduction and Launch by Mr Eugene Tay, President, Sharing Economy Association (Singapore)

4.30 - 5pm: Keynote Address on "The Sharing Economy: Challenges and Prospects" by Professor Costas Courcoubetis, SUTD (see attached for synopsis)

5 - 6pm: Panel Discussion on "The Sharing Economy: How It Benefits Singapore" with Rent Tycoons, iCarsClub, PandaBed, *SCAPE and SUTD

6 - 7pm: Refreshments and Networking

Please RSVP your interested at

Together we can build a sharing economy that is vibrant and inclusive.

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Today on 938Live, we shared about how top owners in Rent Tycoons earn more than S$1000 from simply listing and renting out their items. One owner made more than S$2800 from renting out items such as tables, chairs, portable aircon, food trays, water dispenser, etc.

Rent Tycoons Interview

How can you become one of our top owners? Here's some advice to get you going:

(1) Pick out high value items in your home/storage houses 

Renters are interested to rent items that are of good quality and are in great working conditions. For example items such as high pressure washer, portable airconditioner, laptops, etc.

Do not limit the types of items that people are looking to rent. If you think that bulky items are not easily rented out - you think wrong! An owner has recently rented out her treadmill for one month, and this is not the first time. Other bulky items that are repeatedly rented include flipcharts, tentages, gazebo, speaker and amplifier...and the list goes on.

Another easy way is to check out the Top Rental Items chart to know what are the items in demand.

Rent Anything And Everything in Rent Tycoons

(2) Make your item listing attractive

All listings on is free! You can upload 3 photos of your item - make the best out of it. Take clear photos in the day time and choose a plain background. 

Describe the item to your best ability (you could also Google for those details using the model number). Providing sufficient details to potential renters is key to letting them come to a decision to rent your item.

Use key words to Tag the item and allow your item to get visibility when renters are searching on the website.

Listing Items For Rent, For Free

(3) Set competitve rental rates

You own it, so you get to set the Daily, Weekly and Monthly rental rates for each item. Search for similar items on the website to do a comparison on the pricing. Make sure that your deposit fee is reasonsable - high deposit fees put off potential renters! 

If you need advice on how to price your items, simply drop us an email at

Registration & Listing is Free

Start listing your items today, it takes less than a minute! Then, let the magic work for you...sit back, relax and receive rental requests via your email. Become an instant Rentrepreneur! 

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Counting down to the Lunar New Year and this year 2014 we usher in the Wood Horse year!

Rent Tycoons Singapore Short Term Rental Expat Rentals

Start spring cleaning with the following tips:

1. To Keep It Simple

The Horse does not fancy chaos, so keep it minimal.

(Image Credits: Office Design

Clear away clutter that has been piling up, move things around to clean up "blind" areas & sort out unwanted items in your wardrobe, drawers & other storage areas. 

File loose items (bills, letters, namecards, etc) neatly & stay organized.  

2. Identifying The Cash In Your Clutter

The Horse is a worker, adepts at handling money and a good financier. It's just about the right time to learn how to make money from your mess. 

Don't underestimate the value of your idling items. Instead of throwing things out, explore income making  opportunities through selling, renting or barter trading.

Read here about how one of our top owners made over S$1000 through renting via!

3. Fill The House With More Energy

Horse people are active & energetic. Good to fill the house with things that can give you a boost!Fresh Flower Works Wonders For Your Room

Recycle withered plants & replace them with fresh, healthy ones. New pots of plants/flowers can bring in fresh aroma, brighten up the room & increase abundance! Top picks for plants: jade plant, orchids, peonies & lilies.

(Image Credits:


4. Use New Methods To Clean More Efficiently

The spirit of the Horse is recognized to be the Chinese people's ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. Thus, speed up your cleaning sessions by learning some new tricks here: Cleaning Hacks!

Here's one of our favorites:

Ikea Cleaning Tips

5. Giving Away As The Horse Would Give

Did we mention the humble humanitarianism of the Horse? For the Horse, giving is the right thing to do. In the same light, how about donating some of the under-ultilized items in your house that are still in pristine conditions?

You could also freely give away items to a community of people who can find new uses for your pre-loved items via SG FreeCycle

Happy Lunar New Year 2014!

Rent Tycoons wishes all.... a prosperous & swift lunar new year! 

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